501 Excuses for a Bad Golf Shot (501 Excuses) [Illustrated] [Paperback]

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501 Excuses for a Bad Golf Shot (501 

Excuses) [Illustrated] [Paperback]

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1. A drop of sweat fell in my eye, and I missed the ball. 2.

I stubbed my toe on the base of my bed, now I can't wear my golf shoes. 3. I've

only played with these clubs twice. 4. My rain suit is too tight and I can't swing

my club smoothly. 5. My ball is all scuffed up. 6. I keep picking up my head. I'm

afraid the geese are going to do their business on me. 7. The tee was leaning too far

forward. 8. I get nervous shooting last all the time. 9. The sun was in my eyes. 10.

I thought we were using the green over there. Anyone can hit a great shot and brag;

the challenge is to shank a tee shot and still make your buddies laugh. This

hilarious books is an absolute must for any golfer. And you need not be a golf

enthuasist to enjoy this book. It makes a great gift for any golfer, and is a must

for every golf bag!
About the Author
Justin J. Exner is an airline executive

with BA in Aviation Business from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona

Beach, Florida and an MBA from Franklin University in Columbus, Ohio. He has played

golf all over the world, never without good reason. Justin golfs regulary and three

putts very frequently. He lives with his family in Haymarket, Virgina

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