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About Prime50plus

Prime50Plus started life as a specialist recruitment service way back in early 2000. Then along came good old political correctness and - Hey Presto - our glorious name became ageist. That's rich as we are trying to help the very people we could be accused of discriminating against!  

We are based in Yorkshire but don't hold that against us!  Infact with the internet it doesn't really matter where we are just so long as we are plugged into the important issues affecting our members ....that's you by the way. There are lots of websites out there addressing the 50 Plus age group; some of them also very good. But we are different; or at least are setting out to be. Life can be terribly serious and we want to help put a little bit of fun back into living in the noughties. Sure we will cover all the important issues of the day but we'll do it with a bit of style; a bit of panache....and sometimes with a bit of tongue in cheek; but always in the best possible taste as the late Mr Everitt used to say!

We have teamed up with a number of experts who are also passionate about the issues facing this key age group and they will cover all manner of interesting, fascinating and down-right important things that matter to you.

Did you know that, for example, there are now more people aged 50-60 than 16-24 and that by 2020 over 40% of the population will be older than 50! Not only that but one in three people over 50 in the UK today can't use the internet? Well obviously you aren't one of them otherwise you wouldn't be reading this. We'd like to change that by making Prime50Plus the website of choice for everyone around this age of opportunity. You can help by telling your friends about us and  having your say via our Poll Questions and Forums.

We've designed this site with you in mind and welcome your input for new topics and improvements.

The website is operated by the Prime Creation Design group of companies