Blogging For Dummies (For Dummies (Computers))

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Blogging For Dummies (For Dummies (Computers))

Product Description

blogging bestseller, now fully updated to reflect the latest tools and techniques

Blogging is forever evolving, and remains essential for anyone who wants a

distinctive Web presence. There are many options that surround blogging–on everything

from blogging software to hosting services–and this fun and friendly guide gets you

started so can begin logging in hours of blogging!

Building on the success of

the two previous bestselling editions, this latest revision includes essential

blogging basics, the elements required of a good blog, and the tools you′ll

need to get started. You′ll discover how to determine the right blogging

software for you, whether you should run your own blog or use a full–service hosting

site, and how to set up an account and write your first post.

Builds on the

two previous bestselling editions and covers the latest advertising tools to attract

an audience, methods for making money with your blog, and ways to measure your

blog′s success
Includes updates to the major blogging software utilities

including Google′s Blogger, TypePad, and WordPress
Walks you through the

latest search engine optimization techniques for increasing your blog′s

Reviews the newest plug–ins and gadgets that will allow you to extend

your blog
If you′re in a fog about how to blog, then this easy–to–understand

guide is the right book for you.

From the Back Cover
In a fog about

blogs? Read this book and it all becomes clear!

Millions of people posted a

blog entry this morning. They′re promoting products, espousing causes,

discussing their lives, and sharing tips on everything from getting the laundry clean

to getting their candidate elected. Join the fun! Here′s how to choose and use

blogging software, pick a topic, add photos, attract readers, and keep your blog


Blog basics — find out what defines a blog and what type of blog

best suits your purpose

What you say — learn how to create appealing content

and what you don′t want to put in your blog

Compare tools — understand

the pros and cons of hosted services and see what Blogger, WordPress, and other tools


When smaller is better — explore microblogging, including Twitter® and


Speak up — try your hand at podcasting or video blogging

Socialize your blog — boost readership with a presence on social networking sites

Blogging for dollars — see how to put ads on your blog or in your RSS feed,

seek sponsorships, and maintain a business blog

Know your visitors — learn to

collect and analyze statistics on who′s visiting your site, when, and for how


Open the book and find:

Tips for choosing a topic

How to

connect with your readers through comments

Advice on blogging ethics

A comparison of leading blogging software

Help managing routine blog tasks

Hints for conquering writer′s block

Ways to boost readership

Why RSS feeds are a great idea

Cool widgets, gadgets, and themes to

customize your blog

Learn to:

Use the latest versions of Blogger and


Recognize what goes into an effective blog

Find your niche

in the blogosphere

Build an audience and make money from your blog

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