Bringing Family Together With Web Conferencing

Nowadays people take advantage of many opportunities they get because they know distance is not a setback anymore. With new technologies people can stay in touch with their loved ones as soon as they have a computer, an internet connection and a web conferencing software application. Distance today is not a disabling issue that will cut communication among people.

Parents no longer spend weeks or months without seeing their children that are studying abroad. The anguish of the distance can be reduced with a webcam face to face online conversations. Although hugs and kisses are not possible, virtual ones are. Of course it is not the same thing, but it is a way to make a big distance small.

Many people from the same family live in distant states and countries and usually they only see each other once a year, on holidays or they can spend years without having any kind of contact. Phone calls can be quite expensive and people avoid calling their relatives to save money. With a web conferencing software it is possible to make online video calls and depending on the software they can be for free.

Grandparents don't have to wait months to keep up with their grandson's and granddaughter's physical changes and characteristic of the growing up process. Grandparents can keep in touch with them regularly through online video calls where they can see them as if they were in front of them.

Birthdays, anniversaries, special dates, every event can be celebrated together with a web conferencing software. Even a wedding can be attended by someone that is on the other side of the world and did not have the opportunity to attend the wedding. The same might happen with a baptism or a first communion. Time is not an issue because internet based calls can take place at any time of the day, as many times as we want. Several people can also attend the video calls meaning that relatives from several locations can join together to attend the same call.

Being in touch with family and friends was never so easy. Besides the web conferencing application, a webcam, speakers and microphone are extra accessories that will be needed. Most computers have built in speakers and a microphone, but in case they don't, a webcam will usually have those accessories built in. There is also the possibility of buying separate accessories that, for better transmission quality, should be USB connected. USB allows fast information transmissions and little interference.

Web conferencing software is not only about video calls but also about sharing photos and files. No more waiting days or weeks to receive family photos through snail mail when they are too big to send through email. Sharing photos and files can take place instantly, while on a video call and it is reciprocal, and all the attendees can share files mutually.

Definitely this is an excellent way of communicating and keeping in touch with family and friends worldwide. Although not personally, internet video calls are an inexpensive and effective way to keep a face to face contact and talk with those that are not near us.

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