Business Expert

John Edmonds


John Edmonds - Business Expert John possesses almost four decades of in-depth senior management experience, combined with the expertise built up from helping buildseveral successful businesses grow from scratch into high profile prosperous companies across Australia, Sweden and the UK. In addition,John possesses a recent a University Master's Degree (MSc) in Entrepreneurship.

John's executive background is wide, diverse, and highly successful, from being involved in numerous start-ups, board director of thesouthern hemisphere's largest casual clothing chain, general manager of a department store chain, and even business development manager ofan Australian Zoo where he helped turn around the image of 'caged animals' to 'stewards of endangered species' and, in doing so, achievedthe world's highest visitors per capita in the world.

In recent years, John built and managed the European-funded Huddersfield Business Generator (HBG), which was officially opened by Sir AlanSugar in 2000, and he has since helped create over 250 businesses for the region at a staggering 75% success/survival rate, against adismal 75% failure rate in the UK at large. John has recently built several small businesses of his own, including TimeTrappers which specialises in DVD video production, which hasproduced an 85 minute DVD (presented by John) entitled 'How To Write A Business Plan' providing no-jargon step-by-step instructions on howto compile a business plan for use when seeking funding from bank, business angels, investors, and the like.

John has also set up Stress GoneIn 10 Minutes Ltd which specialises in a collection of stress reduction videos. John's most recent business, based upon his many years of mentoring experience with the HBG, is which offersbusiness idea assessments and business mentoring for start-up businesses. This latter site shows numerous impressive testimonials coveringthe last decades or so, and is well worth a look. John would be most happy to answer any type of business question you might have if you would care to email him direct at . Meanwhile, John has produced several articles here about setting up a business, which might interest you.