Prime50plus Curreny Expert

steveeakins.jpgSteve Eakins

Steve started working in the financial industry back in 2006 and so has experienced a lot including the melt down of the banks. He joined Foreign Currency Direct plc over 5 years ago and has quickly climbed the ladder and is now a Senior Executive dealer. In that time he has introduc­ed new services with the aim of saving thousands for both personal and corporate clients while still managing the needs for over 500 clients.

He spends his working days assisting clients achieve the best possible rate of exchange in the currency markets, helping people with a range of experiences whether they are a first timer or a daily visitor to the currency markets. His client base ranges from individuals that are buying holiday homes abroad to large international property businesses and even livestock brokers.

With his wide range of experience helping clients from all backgrounds Steve is well placed to comment on the currency markets, introduce tools to help safeguard preferential rates of exchange and potentially help with your own currency needs.

In his spare time Steve enjoys motorsports and has recently taken up wakeboarding in an attempt to take his mind off the currency market!

You can contact Steve on or by clicking here