CV eBook


Create a CV that gets results

You will receive practical

and relevant advice from an expert who has been short-listing candidates since 1989

and helping people create CVs since 1997.

The objective of a CV is to get

the interview

Your CV is not intended to list everything you did at every

position. It is a top-line, highlights document intended to quickly give the reader

an honest sense of your skills, where you've been and where you're going. It's not

a biography. If it gets your phone to ring, it has done its job well.

"I was

so impressed by the support Denise gave me - most unexpected. Quick as well as honest

and valuable. The 'Create a CV' e-book is full of first class hints and tips, many

of which I've never come across anywhere else. The work we did together gave me

every chance for success - in my first attempt for 27 years!"
Martin Haworth

"Thank you for the CV book, I am

working my way through it and finding it very useful already"
Fiona O'Connor

"The good thing about the CV guide is that it asks all the relevant questions

for you. Otherwise you would have to think up the questions yourself and then find

the answers as well! Basically, I thought it was really good; it didn't feel like

hard work. Before you know it, from answering the questions in the booklet, you soon

have more than enough information to build your CV with. The advice is really good,

and it raises a lot of points I had never considered previously, such as writing

"would like a job with good opportunities for career progression" etc., which

obviously sounds bad to the employer. I guess it is an insight into how a potential

employer might view an application. The best thing, in my opinion, is the secret

world of achievement bullets!�
Danny Gray,
Computer Specialist

"Brilliant help with my job search. I now have a great CV and have appreciated your

support in finding a new job. Your confidence in my abilities helped me keep my

spirits up."
Helena Fox,

"I found the CV guide really useful.

I really like how the questions helped to extract the important points from each job

I have had. From that it was easy to see a common thread from the jobs I have done

and the skills/attributes which were required to achieve things within those

Jo Harris

Your "Create a CV" guided workbook has been very

helpful and informative. Stephen Weaver.

Are you tired of being rejected for

jobs before you even have an interview? Without a great CV you will not even get your

foot in the door. A professional and well written CV is the key to getting the job

you want. This e-Book will guide you step by step through creating your CV, plus the

preliminary steps to help you prepare for interview. This is not just about creating

a CV; it will also guide you through creating a covering letter.

*Chapter 1:

*Chapter 2: Preparation Phase: Work History, Education and

qualifications, Personal interests / leisure activities
*Chapter 3: Creation

phase: Personal Details, Profile or power statement, Career Background/Employment

History, Education and Training/Qualifications, Interests, Optional Personal Details

*Chapter 4: Style, Layout and Review
*Chapter 5: The Electronic CV (eCV)

*Chapter 6: Applying for jobs
*Chapter 7: How to increase your chance of

getting short listed
*Chapter 8: The covering letter
*Chapter 9: The follow

up letter
*Chapter 10: Conclusion

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