Davina - Body Buff (with Digital Copy) [DVD] [2010]

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Davina - Body Buff (with Digital Copy) 

[DVD] [2010]

DVD Description

Its time to buff up your whole body with my fantastic new DVD. As I start to grow

a little more mature, Ive stopped worrying about being skinny because Id just

rather be a healthy size and one of the best ways to achieve this is through

resistance training to sculpt, tone and buff your body. My ever faithful personal

trainers Jackie and Mark have put together two brilliant hours of fun workouts aimed

at buffing up your bod. The beauty of this DVD is that its made up of smaller

sections which can be done in any way to suit your needs.

Buff Warm up You

always have to do this before any workout! The next two whole body workouts are 30

minutes long and can be used on their own or with another routine.

Buff Cardio

High energy aerobics with lots of fat-burning intervals plus 5 minutes squeezing

those abs.

Buff Boxing A high intensity workout including 5 minutes working

those abs again.

Then to target your specific areas:
Buff Legs and Core

A twenty minute workout aimed at shaping up your legs and strengthening your core


Buff Arms A fifteen minute routine using weights to buff up your

arms, you can use a bottle of water in each hand, but I would recommend that you

invest in some 1 or 2 kilogramme weights, which will last you for life.


Abs This starts with a basic 5 minute abs routine followed by a tougher 5 minutes

for the more adventurous!

Buff Stretch An effective stretch to cool down,

with the option of doing the shorter standing up version or you can add on a further

5 minutes with a yoga-style stretch too.

And if youre interested in healthy

eating and you SHOULD be, do check out my extra feature Buff Nutrition. I hope you

like the DVD, get buffing!
Popular television personality Davina

McCall returns with this entry in her best-selling series of workout programmes.

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