Are dieting mistakes keeping you from getting to the weight you want to be?

annettebray2.jpgYou're not alone; many of us are guilty of one if not several of these dieting faux pas. Learn why they are a problem ... and how to avoid them!

Mistake: Depriving Yourself

So you've sworn to lose weight this time around. You rid your cupboards of your favourite fattening foods. You sweep the fridge and all bad foods make their way to the trash can. You do okay for a few days. Then, one night, you lose it and eat everything left in the house that isn't a fruit or vegetable.

No matter how resolved we are to lose weight, we crave treats (especially sweet ones) we are accustomed to. You will eventually get the urge to indulge no matter how well those first few days go.

Solution: Giving in ... a Little

Swearing off foods you enjoy is a sure way to set yourself up for failure. It's like a form of torture: Everyone else can eat the things you love while you can't even taste them. How's that going to help you stick to your weight loss plan? It won't. Allow yourself a special treat every now and then. Keep your portion sizes in check and you can still have your favourite foods in moderation.

Mistake: Believing Your Genes are to Blame

You take a look in the mirror and you see your Mum or Gran.  It's not her hair or even her eyes. It's your body. And there's nothing you can do about it. After all, it's hereditary.

The Solution: Get Real!

Genes do play a role in some cases of obesity. Often you will see family members who share the same body type. But for many of us, the most important factor in weight loss is calories in vs. calories out ... how many calories we eat and how active we. Even if family members are heavy, there are steps you can take so that you do not share their fate. Working out and strength-training will build muscle and give your metabolism a boost, both of which will help you head off the propensity for weight gain your genes might bring.

Mistake: Meal Skipping

It only stands to reason: If the key to losing weight is cutting calories then why not cut a bunch at once by skipping a meal? If you skip meals when you're trying to lose weight, you're doing yourself more harm than good. Meal-skipping can cause your metabolism to nosedive. That will set you up for sluggish calorie-burning all day long and ravenous hunger and overeating at night.

Solution: Don't Be a Skipper

Most meal-skippers forgo breakfast. It seems to be the easiest meal to do without. But in reality, breakfast may influence weight loss more than any other meal! If you aren't hungry first thing in the morning, have something small. Do you actually forget to eat in the a.m. hustle and bustle? Set an alarm to go off some time after you normally rise to remind you to stop, take a breath ... and eat.

Mistake: Giving in to a Food- Pusher

You've met her. She pushes doughnuts on unsuspecting office mates. She brings cupcakes for the book group while only tasting the icing herself. She hands you the takeaway menu when you've already told her you brought your own snack.  Who is she? She's a pusher! A food pusher, that is.

Solution: Put Yourself First

Whether office baked goods temptress or the well-meaning Mum who suggests seconds of her best dishes, some people just refuse to take "no" as an answer. They probably don't even realize they are making your weight loss efforts that much harder. Learn how to say no in a way that works. You may have to distance yourself from the "pusher" for the time being. Sometimes it's better for all parties concerned.

Mistake: Giving Up On Losing Weight Your Way

Sometimes, telling your friends and family you are losing weight can actually backfire. If they don't understand your weight loss plan or think they know a better way to lose weight, it can lead to unwelcome input or even arguments. You get to the point that you want to throw in the towel.

Solution: Keep it Under Wraps

Only you know what works for you. So keep doing what works for you. There's no rule that says you have to tell friends or family that you're trying to lose weight. Weight is a personal issue. It's your prerogative to keep it that way.

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