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Uses and Application of DNA Testing for Genealogy

DNA testing for genealogy is a very useful procedure, which has applications in the field of Medicine, Law and other industries. DNA testing can provide a lot of information regarding a person. This would include his ancestral roots, physical data and personal information. This would be very helpful in different ways. In fact, companies and institutions from different industries have been using DNA testing for descent and genealogy. The process is cheap and affordable. The person testing would only need to acquire a small sample. This would be enough to acquire the information needed. The process has been proven effective and reliable in different situations.

DNA testing for descent and genealogy has been used for legal purposes. Many crimes have been solved using the technique. This is possible since the DNA can be used to trace the relations of the person. The DNA of a person would contain information that would shows connections with parents, brothers and sisters. The DNA of a person has an X and Y chromosome. The X originates from the mother while the Y chromosome comes from the father. Other parts of the DNA could be further dissected. The process would only require a couple of days to attain the results. This data is considered admissible in court.

Famous cases all over the world have been solved through the DNA testing for Genealogy. This would include abduction cases and instances of wrong identity. A child which have been taken from his family where later misled and considered the own child of the abductor. It has only been proven that the child was kidnapped when the DNA of the abductor did not match that of the subject. This kind of testing has proven to be the difference in revealing the truth. A large database of DNA of people all over the world has recently been created. This project was known as the human genome project. Through this, a person can know his distant relatives and ancestors. It would be very nice to know one's ancestors. This can be done by simply acquiring a minute amount of sample.

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