Emigrating Overseas

Whether you’re planning to move overseas, or you've just moved to the UK, transferring your assets will be a key factor in starting your new life. Using a specialist currency broker will you save money compared to using your high street bank - They offer; ­

Better exchange rates than your bank

This can create a saving of up to 4% on money transfers, making your money go further.

Quick service

Most use the SWIFT method of payment so you know exactly where your funds are and far greater knowledge of when funds will arrive at their destination.

Protection against negative exchange rate movements

Unlike a bank, brokers can allow you to lock into a favorable rate of exchange for up to 2, so you will be protected from adverse currency movements.

No hidden charges

There should be less transfer charges and no commission fees

A simple to use service

You will get allocated a dedicated account manager that will run you through the simple system of opening and account and completeing a transfer. Developing an understanding of your circumstances and provide you with all the help and jargon-free guidance. To save you time and hassle they’ll also keep an eye on the rates and can highlight peaks in the markets for you.

Look at Regular Payment plan and buying abroad

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