Eternity Ring 9ct White Gold Diamond Ring Claw Set half Carat Diamond Weight

Only 202.96

Eternity Ring, 9ct White Gold Diamond Ring, Claw 

Set, 1/2 Carat Diamond Weight

Product Description
Diamond's Quality Description

H - I Color : This

diamond has no tint of color, as H - I is near colorless in grading...

I3 Clarity : - Inclusions are obvious under 10 magnification and may affect

transparency and brilliance.

Very Good Cut: This diamond is cut to exacting

proportions that reflect almost as much light entering it as an Ideal cut.

Appraisal: We include an appraisal certificate with all our items. The appraisal

document can be used for insurance purposes.


The Product will arrive in a very nice presentation box with good packaging, the

packaging will be very discreet and there would be no mention of our company or item

on the envelope. They parcels would be marked as PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL.


If you are still not satisfied you can always send the

item back to us for your full money back within 30 days. Please note we cannot give

you a full refund if the item has been used or damaged in any way.

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