In the beginning there was surface, light a creation land and sea.  Today there are people and places, so we need to be getting to grips with our right to travel.


Getting our organisation well defined and set before us in order to travel.. First set the location, in my advice is to make only a few suggestions inthe living means - money wise and enjoyment.


Secondly take a lookat Brochures, ideas within them and also at where they are located, within easy reach of survival.


Third make a list of what the holiday has to offer, today onyour computer app# phone so the decisionis nearly there.


Fourth  What you really need to take with  you on your decision and also the main things travel sickness pills, umbrellas, blankets if the weather turns or hot water flasks for hot teas/coffees.


Fifth  Check with the travel agents of availability and with the airlines also which are included, so you definately of delays or setbacks in which they might have.   Make sure you have packed well ahead your passports are in order and if you do need a visa for the time required in the country of visit/ which you are visiting for pleasure or for working.  Sometimes a working permit will be neede evenif it is only for the Holiday Seasons in that state.


Enjoy your holiday having mainly what you need at hand and be relaxed in all ways of travelling being on time at the airport to check in  giving sometime to settle before departure, so that they may check or your documents and cases.


Then being assured, you are free to travel.


Buon Viaggi.