A Gentleman’s Guide to Suit Care

Wear it with pride - Care for it with pride

Any Gentleman would agree that owning a bespoke tailored suit is one of life’s greatest pleasures; it’s also one of life’s most expensive pleasures. No other item of clothing makes you stand so tall and feel so proud – regardless of your social status or career background.

For this reason it’s important to look after your investment and learn how to take care of your suit. Unlike other items of clothing, a bespoke suit needs to be washed, maintained a treated in a very specific way – here are a few pointers.

To Clean or Not to Clean?

A suit is not like a pair of jeans. You may wash your jeans once a week, or every fortnight, but a suit should be cleaned no more than twice a year. It’s also important that you take your suit to a specialist dry-cleaners.

This is because over-washing your suit will damage the material and cause it to lose its shape. And remember to have your trousers washed at the same time as your jacket, to keep them perfectly matched – your suit is one unit of clothing, not two separate items.

 Day-to-Day Care

Invest in a soft brush that you can use to gently brush away dirt that builds on a daily basis. Brush in one direction – against the grain usually works best – and use short, quick strokes. Food, hair and dust will be easily removed with a good brush and keep it looking at its best, without taking it to the dry-cleaners.


We leave our suits hanging in wardrobes for weeks, months and years on end, so make sure you have a solid wooden hanger to hang it from. This will allow air to circulate around the suit and stop it from losing its shape – it’s also important not to have your other clothes squashed up against it.

Ultimate Goal

If you wear a suit on a regular basis, consider buying enough suits that you can wear one a day for a week or two. This means that you won’t “over wear” you suit and it will last longer. You’ll also have the fun of choosing a variety of suits made from different materials and finishes – not a bad way to spend you spare time!

Author Bio

Ben is a fashion blogger for Miinto and loves spending his free time hunting out old items of clothing and Gentlemen’s paraphernalia.