Brides come in all shapes, sizes and ages which means that something that may work for one bride, isn’t going to be first choice for another. Whilst it is usually though that the majority of brides are going to be relatively young, the truth is that more and more women are getting married later on in life; or are remarrying after a divorce.

This has meant that there is a definite increase in older brides. Of course, some older brides are still going to want to do all the things that younger brides do when it comes to their hen party. But, there is also going to be some that want something a little different.

If you are planning a hen party for an older bride and you are looking for something a little different; then why not check out these awesome ideas to give her the best send off possible?

Hiring a buff butler

Strippers are not everyone’s cup of tea, but that doesn’t mean that those people are not going to want to find another way to have some raunchy fun on their hen do. Hiring a buff butler is not only a little on the naughty side, but it is actually great fun.

Best of all, you get to watch a handsome man run around after you, all while you don’t lift a finger. What could be better than that? 

Art and craft lessons

When you think of arts and crafts then you might think about kid based activities; but, arts and crafts can be an ideal adult way to spend some time. There are a variety of art based hen party ideas out there and best of all they are something that every single hen, no matter their age can enjoy.

Cocktail making classes

Who doesn’t love cocktails? We know that we do! This is why cocktail making classes have become more and more popular in the world of hen parties. Not only are they great fun, but they are also going to help you to know a little more about those cocktails that you love to drink. Best of all, as well as making your chosen drink, you get to drink them too. Ideal if you want to break the ice and make sure that all the hens have the best time possible.


Two things that go hand in hand has to be hen parties and karaoke. So much so that karaoke has become a staple of these events. Some bars in the UK offer you the chance to hire a private karaoke room, which means that you get to belt out your chosen hits, without having to worry about a room full of strangers looking at you! 

Hen party life drawing

The great thing about life drawing is that not only is it an entirely adult way to spend some time on a hen party. It also means that you get to take a look at a rather impressive naked body and claim that you are staring in order to get your picture right! 

It doesn’t matter how old you are, the idea of a hen party is to have some fun and wave goodbye to your single life. Plan in one of these awesome activities and we are sure that you will have a happy bride, no matter her age.

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