How to Avoid Inheritance Tax [Paperback]

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How to Avoid Inheritance Tax [Paperback]

"This useful tax guide

will help you buy and sell properties and run your rentals business in a more tax

efficient way." - The Telegraph; "A valuable guide to the tax issues facing buy-to-

let investors." - The Independent
Product Description
Proper inheritance tax

planning could save your family hundreds of thousands of pounds in tax. This

comprehensive and completely up-to-date book tells you everything you need to know

about inheritance tax and how to avoid it. It takes a detailed look at both simple

and sophisticated tax planning strategies and will help you decide what action you

and your family should take now. Inheritance tax planning has become more important

than ever, following the Government's decision to freeze the 325,000 lifetime

exemption, which means inflation will steadily erode its value every year. Topics

covered in the guide include: The very latest changes announced in the most recent

Budget; How to calculate inheritance tax; More than a dozen inheritance tax planning

techniques for protecting the family home; How trusts can be used to slash your

inheritance tax bill - with real-life examples; How to use Business Property Relief

to pass unlimited assets to your family; How to gift assets during your lifetime

without causing financial hardship to you and your spouse... plus lots more! Dozens

of clear real-life examples are used throughout to explain important points.

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