Taking care of your bedding is not just about following the instructions mentioned on the label. It is easy yet difficult as you need to do a lot to take care of the bed linen. Taking care is important as it adds on to the life of your bedding. Here is a list of some of the things that you can do to take care of your bedding:-

·        Avoid Harsh Detergents:

If you want to take care of the bedding then you must avoid harsh detergents. They spoil the quality of the fabric and even spoil the colors. You should use mild detergents to avoid discoloration of your favorite designer bed linen and to give them a long life.

·        Take care of the Washing Frequency:

Every part of your bedding that comes in direct contact with your skin should be washed every seven to ten days. This ensures that they maintain their hygiene and do not get extremely dirty. The things that do not come in direct contact of your skin like mattress, pillows etc. should be sent for dry cleaning every six months. You should not ignore them as they are also important to be cleaned.

·        Wash Care:

Washing the bed set should be done according to the instructions. The material of your sheets decides the temperature of water that you should wash the sheets in. If you are using bleach then avoid chlorine bleach. Add baking soda or vinegar to the water can brighten your decorative bed linen in no time.

·        Drying:

To not dry them under direct sunlight as it is harmful for the fabric. If you are using a dryer then set it to low heat to avoid the harmful effects of heat on the fabric. Keep the sheets slightly damp before spreading them on the bed and it will avoid wrinkles on the sheet.

·        Protecting your Bed Set:

Not just washing and drying, you should ensure that you are protecting your bedding in the right manner. Regular cleaning is required to protect your bed linen from dust and other disease causing germs. Besides these tiny things, you need to protect your bedding from bigger ones too. Do not allow your pets in your bed room or on your bed. Use de-humidifiers in your room to avoid the moisture in the room and avoid keeping your luggage and bags on your bed. Have a bath regularly and if possible twice a day to reduce the washing frequency of your bed set. And do not forget to make your bed every morning as it is important for your bedding.

·        Storing:

Do not place the extra bedding anywhere in the corner of your room. Keep a specific cupboard or shelf for it where you store nothing but bed set. That place must be dry and cool so that your bedding is not spoiled in humidity.

When you have all the care with you over here, you should make a point to follow these steps. The better you care for your bedding, the better it will make your room in looks.