How To Keep Your Job

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How To Keep Your Job

Book Description
‘You need more than just

technical skills to stay employed today.’

Probably the best book for anyone

who wants to keep the money rolling in, because it’s packed full of practical tools,

based on real life success stories and contains the powerful AVE concept – How To

Keep Your Job is the essential manual for the modern worker.

Written for

people facing ‘downsizing’ issues and cutbacks, people who are new into a job and

people who are under pressure to perform, it cuts to the heart of how to be

successful at work. Use the secrets and skills to become an Added Value Employee by

increasing your Productivity, sharpening your People Skills and developing your

Public Relations activities.

People from all sectors have used the tools in

the book to help them:

1. Reduce the pressure they’re under and excel at work.

2. Network, build relationships and strengthen their position with colleagues and

decision makers.
3. Get their point across and communicate more confidently.

4. Move up the performance league-table and keep their jobs.

There is

always hope. We all have more influence than we realise and we can make a real

difference to our future. Get ahead of the pack and become a ‘keeper’ because How To

Keep Your Job shows you how to:

1. Find out your essential Organisational

Impact Score
2. Improve the three key areas that will make you an Added Value

3. Answer the crucial Value Question
4. Improve your time management

and learn how to say ‘no’
5. Change your self-talk, so that your confidence

6. Use powerful techniques to improve your communication skills

Find new ways to increase your productivity
8. Get more energy by taking better

care of yourself
9. Become a more effective networker in your organisation.

The book includes many performance enhancing techniques and unique tools


The AVE Concept Organisational Impact Scores

The 2-Week Dashboard 7-Step Contracting Process
Affirmations for

Action 3Rs of Productivity
The Metropolitan Model Keepers –

Cruisers – Cutters
4-Hour Lists 10+ Ways to Increase

Your energy

How To Keep Your Job reveals the secrets of keeping your job

because you need more than just technical skills to stay employed – you need to know

how to become an Added Value Employee and this book will tell you how to do it.

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