If you lose your job

taylor2.jpgYou hope it won't happen to you, but how can you best deal with the situation if you find your job being made redundant. Award winning career coach Denise Taylor shares some sound thinking.

1: Recognise it will be an emotional time for many

Loss of a job is up there, along with divorce or the loss of a spouse or close relative, so expect to have feelings of disappointment and loss.

You are highly likely to feel sad so take the time to express those feelings - it could be sadness, shock, disappointment, shame, resentment, and anger. Look for ways to let those feelings out or they will fester inside of you. Exercise can often be a good option to take, so go to the gym or out for a brisk walk. You could even considering kicking a cardboard box to release those negative feelings.

2: Don't take it personally

Redundancy is more likely to be due to budget cuts and a lack of business rather than poor performance.

3: Think about what you want to do in the short and medium term

You need to review your CV and think about what jobs are likely to become available. In the current economic climate, no matter how great you are as an estate agent or banker, if there aren't the jobs available what are you going to do?

For many who didn't get a lot of job satisfaction out of their job, this can be seen as an opportunity, perhaps not initially, but in time.  

4: Think about how you will spend your day

When you were working it gave you structure to your day, so how will you spend your day.

If you want a new job, this must be where you focus your time.  Looking for jobs on line, but also being proactive - meeting up with people, doing research and getting support from a career counsellor, any and all of these things will help to speed up the process of getting a new job.

5: Don't retreat

It can be easy to take a step back from the world, and begin to get a bit too introspective. If you are feeling insecure or want to share your concerns, find someone to talk with.  

Don't just think of yourself, I know there is a tendency to focus on us when we are unsure of the future, but also look out for ways to be of help to others.

Let your family know how you are and keep an eye out for them as well. Family members may also feel stressed, wondering if all the bills are going to be paid ok.

6: Think about networking

Building relationships will mean you are known to more people which must be of help to you and your career.  The research says that 70% of people find jobs via the unadvertised job market and this means going out there and talking with people, meeting people at meetings and events, and specifically seeking out people that you can talk with to find out more about jobs that interest you.

As you get clearer on the job you want the more people that know, the more they can help you in your job search.  

7: Look after yourself

Redundancy is stressful, and it will take a lot of energy and stamina to keep going till you get a new job. You will also want to make sure you are in good health for when you start your new job.  So take some exercise, get out in the fresh air and make sure that you eat well.