Investing Online For Dummies [Paperback]

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Investing Online For 

Dummies (US Edition) [Paperback]

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Straightforward advice on investing online wisely with the most updated information

If you′re eager to take control of your investments but

don′t want to make it your full–time job, Investing Online For Dummies, 7th

Edition will put you on your way. Completely updated to cover all the newest online

tools and resources, this easy–to–understand guide gets you started with investing

online and growing your online portfolio using the latest tools, information, and

resources available. You′ll learn to pick winning stocks, find an online

broker, construct a profitable portfolio, research investment data online, and what

considerations to take into account when making key decisions.


critical issues for beginner investors, such as setting reasonable expectations,

figuring out how much to invest, assessing how much risk is appropriate, and picking

an online broker
Pinpoints a variety of Web sites, online calculators, databases,

and online communities that will help you make beneficial decisions
Delves into

using online tools to calculate returns and risk, selecting mutual funds with online

databases, analyzing stocks and financial statements, and buying bonds online

You′ll quickly see the profits of the straightforward and fun online

investing advice contained within Investing Online For Dummies, 7th Edition!

From the Back Cover
The tools and resources you need to successfully manage

your own portfolio
This hands–on, practical guide shows investors of all skill

levels how to find an online broker, pick a winning strategy, and construct a

successful portfolio. Discover Web sites, online calculators, databases, and online

communities that will help you make key decisions. You′ll also find out what

the pros look for in picking investments and how the Internet can help you do the


Online investing 101 — get an overview of everything you need to know

about online investing, from deciding what kind of investor you want to be to

familiarizing yourself with personal finance software

Boot up — find out how

to get your PC ready for every aspect of online investing, like compiling must–watch

sites, tracking the market, getting price quotes, and more

Weigh your options

— discover which type of account is best for you — taxable brokerage accounts,

retirement accounts, or an education savings account

Start trading — learn how

to enter and execute trades, buy and sell stocks, and use options to your advantage

Make sense of it all — get the lowdown on how to read financial statements,

how best to put a company under the microscope, and how to evaluate a stock′s


Open the book and find:

Advice on tracking the market

Where to connect with other investors online

Online tools to calculate your


The lowdown on mutual funds

How to spot trends in financial


How to avoid overpaying for stocks

Which Wall Street

analysts are worth listening to

Where to find and buy bonds online


ways to protect your investments and identity

Learn to:

Understand the

basics of investing and measure risks

Analyze stocks and financial statements

Choose an online broker and execute trades online

Use online tools to

calculate your performance

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