taylor2.jpgWith a possibility of job losses, what can you do to keep yourself safe?

No one is secure in their jobs any more. We never know what might happen so here are a few tips to ensure you are marketable:

  1. Make sure that you do a good job so if some staff are let go they are more likely to keep you.
  2. Be visible:  It is not just doing a good job but letting other people know you are doing a good job, so don't hide your achievements away.
  3. Be indispensible. Be willing to volunteer for those jobs that others don't want to do and be flexible in helping out.  Create great relationships with your customers, really understand the computer system. Your boss will not want to let you go.
  4. Make or save the company money.  Look for what you can do to help the company bottom line.  Can you save them money? Simplify processes? Negotiate a better deal with suppliers?
  5. Have a positive attitude.  When just some people are being made redundant, companies will often use this as an excuse to lay off the “difficult ones.”
  6. Keep your skills up to date.  Don't just rely on previous experience but seek out training and other ways to develop yourself.  You may not get company paid for training, but could you keep up to date through reading relevant articles and perhaps increasing your computer skills through practicing at home.
  7. Make sure your CV is up to date.  It's too easy to leave it to one side and then when you need it you realise its out of date. So look at it critically and make sure to include up to date examples of what you have achieved, not just what you have done.
  8. Read the business press.  There are often clues on how your company and industry are doing.  For example, if you work for a company making bricks, with the decline in the building trade there will be much less need for bricks.
  9. Think about finances. Now is the time to review where the money goes and to look for where you can make savings.  Reducing your debt or getting some savings together will make you feel better.
  10. Be alert but don't worry.  You should focus on doing a good job, not worrying about what might happen, but you can prepare your CV and be clear on the sort of work you would like to do should you find yourself made redundant.