Kinobo USB Webcam for Laptop-LCD screen-Desktop 5 Megapixel and Microphone

Only 10.99

Kinobo USB Webcam for Laptop/LCD 

screen/Desktop 5 Megapixel + Microphone

Product Description
With a great quality picture, a microphone built in*, and no

additional drivers required to use this webcam - you'll be up and running in no

time! This camera has one of the clearest pictures we've seen and works straight

away with Skype, MSN and other webcam chat programs.



webcam is designed to be compatible with all LCD monitors and laptop screens. Easily

adjust the flexible stand to clip onto your screen, or fold it out to place on your

desk. The stand is sturdy, and has been finished in a rubberised plastic.


If you're using Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7, this

camera will work without drivers. Just plug it in, and Windows will do the rest. From

there, you can use the webcam for Skype, MSN or any other webcam-based chat software.

Plug the microphone into your line-in port and hey presto! You're on Skype!


The picture quality of this webcam is far superior to many of its

rivals. It can be used to record short films, or take snapshots. It performs best in

well-lit rooms where it produces an excellent image.

+ Crystal clear

picture quality
+ Works with Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7
+ No additional

software required
+ Built-in Microphone*
+ Flexible stand for laptops or

desktop computers
+ Works with all major webcam chat programs such as Skype

* N.B Microphone is line-in and not a USB mic.

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