Long-Term Care Simplified [Paperback]

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Long-Term Care Simplified [Paperback]

Product Description
As people

live longer, the cost of providing long-term care is becoming increasingly worrying

both for the elderly themselves and for their families. This new addition to the

"Simplified" series explains in practical terms how to plan and provide for long-term

care - either for yourself or for someone else. It includes advice on the various

alternative solutions (and their costs), and suggests tax-effective ways of funding

them, including coverage of different types of trust that can be used for this

purpose. It also includes advice on how to protect your assets and avoid them

disappearing in exorbitant care-home fees. With careful planning it is not necessary

to lose your home (and forfeit your children's inheritance) in order to pay for

care. This books shows how.
About the Author
Tony Granger is a certified

financial planner and independent financial adviser. He is the foremost author in

consumer education in financial services and has written books on retirement

planning, pensions, business success, investments, school and university fees

planning, trustee investment compliance and other topics.

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