Make Your Money Work For You [Paperback]

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Make Your Money Work 

For You [Paperback]

Product Description
Learn how

to invest your money in the simplest possible way! Whether you are an investment

veteran or wondering how to get started, you will find sensible advice about where

you should invest your money in this comprehensive book. Find out how investments

work, the different types of investment there are, the returns, and of course, the

risks. Discover what kind of investor you are and decide where best to invest your

money: in traditional or non-traditional investments. This book also answers

questions on every investor s mind: How do I accumulate a million dollars?; Should I

sell in the event of a crisis?; Do I really need a financial consultant? In this

third edition of the book, find out how and what to look out for when you invest in

real estate and in art and collectibles. And more importantly, learn how to protect

yourself and your assets so that you re never left high and dry in the face of

uncertainty and unforeseen circumstances.
About the Author
Keon Chee obtained

an MS in Mathematics under a scholarship at Southern Illinois University and an MBA

in Finance from Columbia University (New York). He has held senior positions in

financial institutions and has trained many leading financial advisors in Singapore.

He currently works in the wealth management industry dealing with investment funds,

offshore companies and trusts. He has written two definitive books on investment

planning and wealth management that are now being used by financial advisors for

professional certification. Ben Fok is a veteran with more than 20 years of

experience in the financial industry. He has held top management positions in various

financial institutions in Singapore, ranging from investment advisory, stock broking,

fund management and financial advisory. He is the CEO of a Hong Kong based financial

advisory company. He has published many articles in local newspapers and journals and

is often quoted in the press for his expert views on financial matters. He is a

Certified Planner, Chartered Financial Consultant, Trust & Estate Practitioner and a

Chartered Management Accountant.

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