Melt and Mold Soap Crafting [Paperback]

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Melt and Mold Soap Crafting [Paperback]

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Soapmaking has never been this easy! The revolutionary melt-and-mold method is

taking the craft world by storm. Beginning with a meltable glycerin base, crafters

can create stunning specialty soaps in minutes, with no lye and no waiting. It's as

easy as melt, pour, mould and decorate. Melt-and-mold master C. Kaila Westerman

shares her recipes for fabulous fun creations, such as Stained Glass Soap, Cat's

Eyes, Flower Images, Sunrise Soap, Layer Cake Soap, Quilters Soap, Gemstones and many

more. The variations are limited only by the crafter's imagination. Colour,

fragrance and other desired additives offer great creative possibilities for

manipulating light, form and colour. This book includes stunning colour photos and

simple step-by-step instructions for 30 different techniques. Readers will learn how

they can melt, mix and pour their way to unique transparent bars in all colours,

shapes and sizes. It's fun, fast and easy!

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