Mrs Moneypenny's Careers Advice for Ambitious Women [Kindle Edition]

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Mrs Moneypenny's Careers Advice for Ambitious 

Women [Kindle Edition]

Product Description
A practical, pacy and punchy toolkit. A masterclass

in how to succeed and stay sane. A fiercely practical, eternally upbeat and utterly

enjoyable textbook for success ... incisive, self-deprecating and hilarious.

(Management Today )

A highly enjoyable, high-energy new book about success and

getting it. Ambitious or not this book will amuse you, provoke you, challenge you,

help you and cheer you up. (Jeanette Winterson Times )

Mrs Moneypenny. Working

mother, businesswoman... just like me, really (Elle Macpherson )

I wish I had

ended up as worldly wise, energetic and well-connected as she plainly is (Bill Emmott

The Times )

Who needs Bond when Mrs Moneypenny comes to our rescue every

Saturday? (Stephen Hester, Ceo, Royal Bank Of Scotland )

Mrs M is the FT's

sexy little secret...she writes with great wit and deftness (David Yelland, Former

Editor The Sun )
Product Description
Welcome to the world of Mrs Moneypenny,

where it's all about who you know and what you know. Where you can't have it all,

but you have to do it all. And where women wanting to reach the top need to learn to

say 'no'.

The high-flying, uber-connected Financial Times columnist and

star of Channel 4's 'Superscrimpers' is on a mission to help you get ahead at


In this incisive, hilariously frank book, Mrs Moneypenny tells you

everything you need to know about taking control of your career. From nurturing your

personal network and getting noticed, to the art of outsourcing and understanding

numbers, she distils a lifetime's experience of running businesses and shaping

careers into original, practical advice.

Whether you're just starting out

or a rung from the top, whether you're a store manager or a CEO, let Mrs Moneypenny

be your ultimate mentor - and guide you to success.

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