Personality Assessments - Myers Briggs Type Indicator

taylor2.jpgPersonality assessments help you to understand more about who you are and can help you in your personal development and to consider careers that match with your personal style. There are many different ones available, including those you can access for free. The free ones however are usually no more than quiz's or rip off versions of reputable assessments.  They can also be a means of getting you to pay for a report. You are likely to get the most out of a report that you can discuss with a trained test user.
The MBTI® assessment is a self- reporting personality inventory, designed to help individuals understand themselves. It helps people understand their natural preferences, motivations, and potential areas for growth. It aids in understanding others, particularly those with different types. The MBTI® instrument is a favourite assessment for helping individuals learn about themselves. It helps to identify preferences in 4 areas:

  • How am I around people?
  • How do I prefer to gather information?
  • How do I make decisions?
  • What sort of lifestyle is best for me?

There is a strong research background to this assessment.  The MBTI® assessment is based on the work of mother and daughter Katherine Briggs and Elizabeth Briggs-Myers. Today the MBTI® assessment is one of the most widely used tools for self-awareness. It has been translated into several languages and is used to help people in career choices, in relationship and family counselling, in team development and executive coaching.

The MBTI® assessment describes an individuals personality preferences on 4 dimensions:

  • Extraversion - prefers to gain energy from the outside world of activity, people and things OR Introversion  prefers to gain energy from the inner world of reflections, feelings and ideas
  • Sensing - Prefers to focus on information gained from the senses and on practical applications OR Intuition - prefers to focus on patterns, connections and possible meanings
  • Thinking - prefers to make judgements on logic and objective analysis OR Feeling - prefers to base decisions on values and what is important to people
  • Judging - likes a planned and organised approach to life and to make decisions OR Perceiving - likes a flexible, spontaneous approach and prefers to keep options open

The MBTI® assessment doesn't measure, but sorts, and sorts people into 16 types based on how they fall on the 4 scales, for example ISTJ and ENFP. Taking the MBTI assessment will help you to understand your natural preferences, motivations and potential for growth. You will find out why you get on well with some people, but with others things don't go smoothly; learn how to enhance relationship, improve your leadership and communication skills. Understand how you make decisions and how this may differ from others and create a personal development plan.

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