There comes a time in life when you take a good look at yourself after, glimpsing the forever form you now have in the  mirror.  Suddenly you say what was that? Asking yourself a silly question.  Then perhaps wondering what did I just see.


The first thing coming to mind is my thighs look out of shape or I could do a bit better with my stomach. Very well true so you go ahead planning a schedule of exercises and food for a diet, possibly the right vitamins and herbs.


Our healthy wellbeing is important for so  many reasons and the best is to be well for the ocassion, getting the right amount of water for the system each day and also the right vitamins to help us on the diet we have chosen for our ages.  Making sure that the body weight will be apt for the age we are.


In the long run our health means a lot to us for the said reason "An apple a day keeps the doctor away" sure it does too, being well to ourselves is being kind and considerate to our daily uses of the bodily parts.  Thus enabling us to function in the order we should.  Health living is essential, first choice.


At our prime of life, we want to be an exception, so we are not the lesser in vitality and health.  Health at 50 plus would be something good to read along with other magazines of Womans Health/Mens Health.


Daily excercises short walks,breathing for the lungs, stretching for the limbs and hands and leg swings for the circulation.  A bit of bending and bounces  while breathing , is good for the stomach and thighs.  Surely if we tried theses and less meaty dishes a fresh Tuna Salad would be a better selection for the bodily form.


Wake up with a positive attitude to life, get accustomed to your routineand each day you will feel younger, the limbs lighter.  Able to tackle a coach trip to Perth.