Nintendo Wii Console with Wii Remote Plus

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Nintendo Wii Console with Wii Remote Plus

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Black (Sports Resort Pack: Includes Wii Sports)
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Product overview

Approximately the size of three stacked DVD cases, the

Wii's elegant, compact design makes it a natural addition to your entertainment

setup without monopolising it. Thanks to the Wii Remote, you're given more freedom

to place the console where it best suits your lifestyle.


Intuitive control for anyone using the physical motion of the main Wii Remote,

which resembles a television remote control. Up to four Wii Remotes can be connected

at once using wireless Bluetooth technology. The wireless signal can be detected

within 10 metres of the console. Both the Wii Remote and Nunchuk include a three-axis

motion sensor. The Wii Remote also includes a speaker, rumble feature and expansion

port, and can be used as a pointer within 5 metres of the screen. The Wii Remote has

a Power switch, +Control Pad, A Button, B Button, - Button, + Button, Home Button and

1 and 2 Buttons. The Nunchuk includes an analogue control stick and C and Z Buttons.


A single self-loading media bay will play single or double-

layered 12-centimetre optical discs for the Wii, as well as 8-centimetre Nintendo

GameCube discs.

Communication: The Wii can communicate with the Internet even

when the power is turned off. This WiiConnect24 service delivers a new surprise or

game update, even if users do not play with Wii. Users can connect wirelessly using

IEEE 802.11b/g, or with a Wii LAN adaptor. Wii can also communicate wirelessly with

Nintendo DS.

Other features: Four ports for classic Nintendo GameCube

controllers. Two slots for Nintendo GameCube Memory Cards. An AV multi-output port

for component, composite or S-video.

Virtual Console: It has been more than

20 years since the debut of the NES. Since then, a rich heritage of different gaming

platforms and countless games has come and gone. A wide selection of Virtual Console

games is available to download from the Internet via the Wii Shop Channel.

Wii Console Stand
Wii Stand Plate
x1 Wii Remote Plus + Wrist

Strap in Black
x1 Nunchuck Controller In Black
Sensor Bar + Stand

Power Supply
Wii AV Cable
x1 Wii Sports Game Pack (5 sports games)
x1 Wii

Sport Resort Game (12 Sports Games)

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