Do you own a boat? If yes, then do you have a name for it? If no, then you better choose a name for your boat now. Unique boat names can reveal a lot about the personalities of their owners, which is why choosing a name, can be quite difficult. But when you visit any shore or boatyard in the United States, you will realize that each boat has a name, and usually it’s printed on it. This culture first began in the 1960s and 70s, and is still prevalent to this day. Boats are generally given feminine names, but recent trends suggest that boat names have evolved a lot. View unique fishing graphics for your boat.

Type of Boat

There are trends and preferences when selecting custom boat names and that depends a lot on what type of boat you own. For example, if you have a speed boat, then you can’t call it Island Girl. On the other hand, you can’t name a fishing boat Second Wind. There are different preferences when it comes to different boats.

You should also consider including the hail port in the boat name. The hail port refers to the home town or the home port of your boat. The hail port is generally printed either above or below the boat name. For example, if the home port of your boat (let’s call it Jetty) is in Lake Tahoe in Nevada, then you can name it like Jetty Lake Tahoe, NV, where the hail port is less in prominence.  

Preferred Boat Names

Over the years, the people’s preferences in boat names have changed dramatically. Boats, for the most part of the 60s and 70s, had feminine names, but that has all changed in recent years. Modern boat names are unique and contribute to the personality of the owner. Here is a list of the 10 most popular preferences in boat names around the United States:

1. Serenity – Serenity is generally a feminine name and is associated with pontoons and bay boats. If you have either of those, then Serenity can be a great name. 2. Second Wind – Second wind is more of a unisex name and refers to speedy boats like performance runabout, bass boats, and personal watercrafts. 3. Island Girl – You can already guess what type of a name Island Girl is. Island Girl is generally associated with luxury and exotic boats in center console boats, walk around cuddy boats, and cabin cruisers. 4. Freedom – Freedom is another great name that you can have for your boat. Freedom can go along well with any type of boat, particularly speedy ones. 5. Pura-Vida – Pura-Vida is a more exotic name, and is reminiscent to the Costa Rica culture. Pura-Vida is a common name in cabin cruisers, pontoons, and houseboats. 6. Andiamo - Andiamo is an Italian name and refers to ‘the taste of life’. If you have a luxurious or custom made boat, then this name can work well for you. 7. Island Time – Island Time is a masculine version of Island Girl and is commonly used for pontoons and cabin cruisers. 8. Irish Wake – Irish Wake is a masculine name and is used for boats like center console, personal watercraft, and even bay boats. 9. Happy Hours – Happy Hours is a common boat name for male owners and is generally used on personal watercraft and even sailboats. 10. Seas the Day – A little wordplay here but Seas the Day is one of the most popular boat names out there. Just like Freedom, Seas the Day can go well with any type of boat.

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