Picking The Best Washing Machine For Your Family

Picking the best washing machine for your family can feel like a daunting task nowadays. There are so many options, programmes and functions that you can end up spending more than you need to for a washing machine or even worse, buying a washing machine that doesn’t have the right features for your needs. You can make it so much easier by asking yourself, “Which features will be the best for my family?”

I have been working with kitchen appliances for almost 3 years and understand that the buying process for a washing machine can be pretty gloomy. This article is designed explain which washing machines are the best to buy for your family.

What do you mean they don’t do it in Orange?

One of the best ways to begin your process of elimination is to start from a cosmetic point of view. The reason why I’d suggest this first is because you could spend 3 hours looking through features, technical specs and sizes only to realise that they don’t manufacture one in silver! Through experience, the majority of us like to have matching kitchen appliances and a specific look from the machines that we buy. If you’re not bothered about looks on the other hand, just get stuck in.

No room at the Inn!

Another good question to ask yourself is, “How many family members will your new washing machine cater for?” The amount of people in a family, their ages and their activities will all help you choose the best drum size, washing times, wash features and efficiency. If your family has 5 members, made up of 2 adults and 3 children for example, then you may want to go for an 8kg wash load. You could aim for a 1400rpm spin and a 30 minute quick wash. Having three children would probably mean that you go through lots of washing which needs to be cleaned quickly and frequently.

It’s the little things!

If you have a young family then you may want options such as Child Safety Locks which will prevent young hands pressing buttons and breaking the machine. Other features you may want to consider are Anti Allergy which deep cleans fabrics, Anti Bacterial which treats baby’s clothes to a safer clean and Half Load Functions for those small necessary washes. Look out for the Baby Programme as this will usually incorporate all of these options. Another great feature is the quick wash for when you need fast results and the Indesit IWC6105 has many of these features that make our lives easier.

The wrong decisions can be costly...

Washing machines are designed to save you a lot of money on your bills these days. Going for an A+ rated washing machine will save you hundreds on electricity bills over its life. Water can also be expensive dependent on your demographics so aim for one that uses as little water as possible. Some manufacturers have options that monitor the levels of dirt within the wash and optimise the wash accordingly, this helps save electricity and water.

Washhhhing Machine...

If you live in a house where the kitchen is open planned then you may be looking for a washing machine that doesn’t make too much noise. Lots of manufacturers now state the noise levels using decibels. One thing to note is that 52db usually indicates the noise from a normal conversation between 2 people. A washing machine around this level would be very quiet indeed and some are so quiet you hardly notice they’re on!

Expect change!

One last thing that you need to remember is that your family is always growing. In 3 years time will these features still be needed? Are you planning to extend the family? Will some of the family have moved away to College, University or left home? Always bear these changes in mind so that you can make the best decision.

If you find that you don’t have the space for a separate washing machine a tumble dryer then using this guide for washer dryers, like the Indesit IWDC6125, will still help you. There are a couple of differences starting with drum capacity, so always check the wash load against the drying load as these are usually different and the drying load is usually half the washing load. Another difference to note is the energy rating as a washer dryer uses a heating element you will find that they aren’t quite as efficient on energy.


Written by Alan Gregory writer for Appliances Online by day, Laundry basket warrior by night! When I’m not advising people on the best buy washing machines I enjoy travelling, football and drinking coffee! You can follow me on twitter @AlanJGregory.