Pilates for Over 50s [DVD]

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Pilates for Over 50s [DVD]

Product Description
A beginners introduction

to the Pilates method covering principles, matwork and standing exercises. Real

People Pilates presents Pilates for over 50s, the first in a series of accessible and

comprehensive videos. Pilates has many wonderful benefits for adults of all ages. It

is especially applicable to those over 50 and people who may be experiencing a loss

of mobility and wish to improve their posture, balance, strength and stamina.

Recommended by Doctors, Pysiotherapists and Osteopaths. The exercises are safe,

balanced and effective. The DVD has an easy pace to work along with and the tone is

friendly and approachable. This is a comprehensive intro to basic principles and has

two Workouts which you can perform on their own own or combine - Matwork and standing

work (weight bearing) The video includes interviews with the clients in which they

explain their history of health and talk about how Pilates has affected them. Saga

Magazine reviewed the DVD and voted it the Best DVD for improving mobility.

the Director
Liz Chandler is a fully certified Pilates teacher with both Body

Control Pilates TM and Pilates Foundation UK who set standards in Pilates training. A

graduate of UCLA, Liz had a career in dance, progressing onto a combined career in

teaching dance, fitness and Pilates to practitioners, professionals and the public

for over 15 years. She presents professional development workshops on Pilates for the

Older Person and Functional Pilates.

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