Learning To Play Golf The Right Way

If you are serious about learning to play golf, then you are taking the right steps by reading this article. Golf is an addictive sport, ask anyone who plays they can't get enough and find that they spend most of their time down the driving range or out on the course hacking a ball around often completing a round in the 100's.

However if you are one of those few who really are interested in learning to play golf then I am here to help you achieve your golfing goals. Most of the amateurs I see just want to whack the ball miles down the fairway and think that because they can do this they don't need to know or learn anything else about the game. This ladies and gentleman is so far from the truth.

First we are going to learn about the fundamentals of golf as if we are learning to play golf then we must master these first.
So what are the fundamentals?

First is the grip.
A good grip helps us to perform a proper swing around the axis of our spine and will help to ensure the club face is straight on hitting the ball. Many amateurs fail to see the significance of a good grip which can often lead to a poor shot.

The second is the setup.
By the far the most important aspect to master in my opinion when anyone is learning to play golf. Place your feet shoulder width apart and place the club head behind the ball with it facing towards your target now take your grip. Lean forward from the waist keeping your back straight and slightly flex your knees. A tip is to tilt your chin up and keep your mouth slightly open this helps you to keep your back straight.

I will follow this up with more in depth tutorials shortly.

Learning to play golf is a must for any amateur who is willing to improve there game. If you want to master all aspects of the game, such as learning how to hit your ball longer and straighter or cure that hook or slice or learn the fundamentals that the pros use to improve there performance then I strongly suggest that you take a look at these free golf video lessons as they will help you to achieve your golfing goals go to http://www.thegolflearningcentre.com/

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