Position Ignition

Position Ignition

Position Ignition was created by Simon North and Nisa

Chitakasem, to ignite your position! Position Ignition is all about taking you to the

next step. We are a way to successfully take control of your life and make sure that

you get where you want to be. We believe that it is never too late to reassess your

career or to re-evaluate your options for the better.

With us, you can take a

fresh look at where you are, where you are heading and where you want to go. We can

help you work through each of your challenges, get clear about what is right for you

and help you make the decisions you need in order to feel confident and happy with

where you are.

Position Ignition has brought together a network of highly

talented and experienced Guides who are passionate about what they do and who have

the wisdom and know-how from their own career experiences, to help you take the next


If you’re looking for a clear career direction, a successful second

career, to get back into the marketplace or plan the right lifestyle for you now – we

are ready to help. Take the next step and contact us now

(enquiries@positionignition.com ) or visit

our website at www.positionignition.com .

Position Ignition also offers a career focused blog which provides great careers

advice, tips and guidance on a range of career issues and challenges from job hunting

techniques, changing careers and networking. Visit the Position Ignition Career

Blog: www.positionignition.com/blog

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