How to Get a Job in a Recession

How to Get a Job in 

a Recession - the book

How to get a job in a recession is a

comprehensive guide to getting a job in challenging times. From getting organised,

creating an effective CV to clear instructions for how to be successful with job

applications and contacting companies directly, it should be read by every job seeker

in challenging times.

As we enter the recession, it's getting more difficult

to find employment. There are still jobs available however. And yes, that great job

you've always wanted is still out there. But more than ever, you need to look for

ways to stand out from the rest and this book is going to show you how.

Denise was prompted to write this book following working as the career coach with

the ITV Tonight programme, "How Safe is Your Job?" Denise worked with people who had

been unemployed for months, partly because they weren't realistic in their job

aspirations, but also because their job search was not very effective. Too many

people take a "scatter gun" approach, sending out numerous CVs with general

information not tailored to a specific position. It's much more effective to focus

on one job at a time and gear all your efforts (and prepare a custom CV) to land that

job. This book teaches you how.

Denise has written this book for you. Maybe

you can�t stand another day in the position you have now, you've recently left

college or university, or your family commitments have changed and you are ready to

enter or re enter the job market. Maybe you lost your job to redundancy during these

difficult times. Maybe you�re a contractor who's found that there is a gap (which

you hadn't experienced before) between your last contract and now and the gap is

getting scarily wider as each day passes.

Whatever the reason, you need help

from a qualified professional. Kim had spent four months searching for a job and had

not even got to interview, but within a week of Denise helping her, she was

shortlisted for three jobs and two interviews later she got a great offer. Lindsay

was made redundant and was unsure about the proper way to apply for a new job. She

followed the advice in this book and had a new job within weeks.

This is a

comprehensive book 380 pages talking you through exactly what you need to do to get a

job. The book includes a comprehensive diary section, with all the tasks you need to

do in the first 30 days of your job search.

The author of this book is Denise

Taylor, Chartered Occupational Psychologist and Registered Career Guidance

Practitioner, founder of Amazing People -, established in

1999. Denise is renowned for helping clients get results. She has specialised in

career development for over 20 years, and has published extensively in this area.

Working predominately with individuals, Denise helps students, graduates and career

changers understand who they are and how to become successful in their job search.

Denise is also a sought-after consultant and advises companies as diverse as

charities, energy companies and the Civil Service, helping them make accurate

recruitment decisions and to provide support in times of redundancy. This means the

advice in this book is very comprehensive and well-rounded. Denise also trains

interviewers and recruiters.

In November 2007, Denise won a National Career

Award (sponsored by The Independent Newspaper) for The Gold Career Programme, which

focuses on anyone who seeks clarity on their career future.

Alongside being

the featured career coach on the Tonight programme, How Safe is Your Job? November

2008, Denise is regularly featured on national radio including BBC Radio Nice Work,

Radio Gloucestershire and City Talk Radio. Articles by Denise have appeared in a

variety of magazines including Top Sant�, The Apprentice, Prospects Graduate, and

the online site HR Zone. Denise has spoken at a number of professional events and

conferences including The Open University Business School, and the Institute of

Career Guidance.

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