Home and Property

Is your home really still your Castle?  It's certainly debateble ­during these turbulent economic times. We've seen recessions come and go here in the UK and property prices have proved as resilient as the Stock market over the longer term. 

So do we s­ ell up and go SKI-ing (Sell the Kids Inheritance!) or dig-in and ride the storm?  

Lets face it the British are still in love with the property market and the vast majority of us still desire to own our own homes. Our European cousins see things a little differently so who is right?

Here are our Top Prime Tips ..... 

  • Keep on top of your House repairs and maintenance
  • Consider a 5 year maintenance plan to protect your investment and avoid big surprises!
  • Are you paying too much for your Mortgage & Utilities ? Shop around for best deals
  • Can you improve the Energy Rating for your property and what would this cost / save?
  • Consider buying an Energy meter which allows you to monitor and control your Electricity
  • How secure is your property ? Fit extra locks, external lights, alarms where needed
  • Fit smoke alarms and carbon dioxide detectors to keep your family safe
  • When undertaking DIY seek professional advice when you are unsure and do consider safety
  • When undertaking major works first check whether Building / Planning regulations are needed
  • Try to obtain 3 written estimates before considering going ahead with any building work 
  • For major work appointing a surveyor/architect can save you time,money and stress
  • If  down sizing or up sizing ensure you plan for both your current and future needs 

Useful Websites .....

Home Office site has some useful information about keeping you property safe and secure 
http://www.homeoffice.gov.uk/crime- victims/how-you-can-prevent-crime/mark-your-property/   

Find helpful DIY Projects and get answers in the forum - http://www.lets-do-diy.com/