PURE Siesta Flow, DAB-FM-Internet Clock Radio

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PURE Siesta Flow, DAB/FM/Internet Clock 


Manufacturer's Description

From the world leader in DAB radio comes Siesta Flow - PURE's first bedside

internet connected Flow product.
Siesta Flow lets you explore the exciting world

of internet radio without having to leave your bed. Flow technology uses a Wi-Fi

connection to let you listen to internet radio, podcasts, listen again content and

even stream your own music from a computer.
Siesta Flow is a revolutionary

digital radio with touch-sensitive controls.


DAB and FM radio too, you'll never be short of something to listen to and Siesta

Flow's tuned stereo speakers ensure it will all sound great. Despite its compact

size, Siesta Flow is packed with useful features including a large auto-dimming

display, touch-sensitive controls, four quick-set alarms with dedicated buttons, up

to 365 internet alarms and a handy USB PowerPort for connecting any of your

compatible USB accessories.

Siesta Flow joins a growing range of connected

radios from PURE, all featuring Flow technology so you can experience the best that

connected radio has to offer. With both portable and hi-fi models you're sure to

find one, or more, to suit you wherever you like to listen. Connect them to the

Lounge, our online radio portal and you can save and share favourites with your

computer and even between different Flow radios.

Make the most of

internet radio with
the PURE Lounge

The PURE Lounge

Lounge is your unique gateway to the world of internet radio, listen again

programmes, podcasts and PURE Sounds. Explore thousands of internet radio stations

and podcasts from anywhere you can use a web browser. Search for content that

interests you, and personalise your listening by adding your favourite stations and

podcasts to your highly-customisable Lounge homepage. And once you've registered

Siesta Flow, your Lounge favourites will appear automatically on your radio. Using

the Lounge you can pick the very best from the huge volume of internet listening

available, creating a unique selection of programmes that suits your tastes and your

listening habits.

Visit the PURE Lounge at www.thelounge.com and you can

listen online, register your radio, and save your favourites.

You'll find:

Radio stations - thousands of global, national and local radio stations

again*- your favourite shows when you want them
Podcasts - thousands of

programmes available anytime
PURE Sounds - sounds to stimulate, inspire and relax

Powerful and simple to use search facilities will help you to find the

content you want. Simply enter any combination of name, language, country, genre or

quality and you'll be sure to find something worth listening to.

You can

also find out what's new and get some recommendations for things you might like to

listen to. The PURE Lounge at www.thelounge.com - Turn on. Tune in. Chill out.

*Available from radio stations that have an online listen again/archive service,

including most BBC stations.
Use as a DAB radio, or connect to a Wi-Fi network

and listen to internet radio or streamed music

Get Connected

Siesta Flow works with any Wi-Fi network. Just switch it on - it'll find all

available Wi-Fi networks and you'll be ready to access the vast range of internet

radio stations, listen again programmes and podcasts available on the web, as well as

PURE Sounds - unique soundscapes created by PURE to stimulate, inspire and relax. And

if you've got a computer or network storage device connected to your Wi-Fi network

you can stream from it direct to your Siesta Flow and enjoy listening to your music

away from the computer.

EcoPlus™ is a statement of PURE's on-

going commitment to our environment and its future. It indicates that environmental

impact has been considered in the design, manufacture and transport of our products,

and has driven both what we do and how we do it.

All EcoPlus products are

packaged using cardboard produced with a minimum of 70% recycled material, and

finished using water-based varnish. All internal pulp trays are 100% recycled, and

the user documentation is printed on 100% recycled paper using Soya-based inks. We

also encourage our customers to recycle all packaging materials.

The boxes of

EcoPlus products are designed to be the smallest they can be whilst still ensuring

the integrity and security of the product inside. This maximises the number of

products which can be shipped in each container, and thus minimises the environmental

cost of transport.

Digital Radio
With Digital radio you'll discover a

broader range of music, debate and ideas, all in crystal clear digital sound. Digital

radio offers:

Digital radios are much easier to use than

analogue radios because they automatically search for all available stations. Once

the radio has found all the available stations you just choose the one you want by

name. No more trying to remember frequencies.

Wider Station Choice

You'll be spoilt for choice - as well as many of your existing favourite stations

now broadcasting on digital radio, you'll also find great exclusive-to-digital

stations and there are more on the way.

Digital Sound Quality

radio is not subject to the same interference as analogue radio resulting in crystal

clear, interference free listening.

Connect Wirelessly
Wi-Fi for access to

internet radio, listen again content, podcasts, PURE sounds and media streaming from

a computer and even automatic software updates.

With Flow Technology

Connected radio for internet radio, listen again content, podcasts, DAB and FM,

media streaming and PURE Sounds.
The Siesta Flow is packed full of features and

to reduce its environmental impact

Four easy-to-use

quick-set independent so you can wake to DAB, FM, Internet or tone alarms or one of

up to 365 different internet alarm sounds available and set different times for

weekdays and weekends.

Automatic Brightness Control
An integrated light

sensor automatically adjusts the display brightness to suit the light levels in your


3.5mm input enables you to connect an iPod, MP3 player,

portable CD player or PURE's i-10 Universal Dock for iPod and use the Siesta Flow as

a speaker.

Headphone Output
3.5mm stereo headphone socket so you can

listen through headphones (mutes speaker) or connect the headphone output to your

stereo and use as a DAB tuner.

Station Presets
30 DAB and FM presets to

help you organise your favourite stations.

If you register your

Siesta Flow at www.thelounge.com you can save unlimited internet favourites.

The side-mounted mini USB PowerPort socket is ideal for connecting any

of your compatible USB accessories such as a mobile phone charger, reading light,

bedside fan or cup warmer, solving the problem of having insufficient power points

next to the bed.

Clock with Sleep Timer
Go to sleep with the radio on and

your Siesta Flow will power down automatically after a set time.


Siesta Flow

Power supply

Quick start guide

2 year


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