Quit Smoking Today - It Can Be Done

Is today the day you will quit smoking? There are many reasons to quit smoking today. People all over the world want to quit but find the addiction to nicotine so strong they fall back into the habit quickly. It takes a strong will to quit on your own cold turkey. That's the way I did it but, it was a challenge to control my mind and body throughout the process of nicotine withdrawal.

The good news is that quitting smoking cold turkey can be done. I'm living proof. I will never go back and I feel much better health wise. For me, smoking was just not worth the price. The day I choose to quit, I made an unbreakable commitment to myself and I stuck to it. My thinking was based on the idea: If other people can quit cigarettes, I can quit too. My own psychological nature really helped me once I made the commitment to quit smoking. I would not let the stupid little paper rolled tobacco leaves get the best of me. No way! Thereafter, any time I wanted to smoke, I remembered my own promise and refused to succumb to the craving. Was it easy? No! Most things in life with real value are not easy to accomplish. In the long run, the short term discomfort I experienced after quitting was a small price to pay for the long term health benefits. Your body will begin to recover soon after and many health risks decrease over time. It is worth it to quit smoking today.

Congratulations if today is the day you commit to quit smoking. When your thoughts about smoking change, your mind is changed. When your mind is changed, you are changed. Yes, there will be frustration because nicotine is an addiction and enemy to your success. Your body will tell you that you must have it but, you do not have to have nicotine to live. It's just the opposite. Dismiss this life stealing drug from your life and be rewarded with a feeling of health and well being. Life is too precious to waste. Think of your family and those you can enjoy more experiences with, if you are alive to share time with them.

The positive effects of quitting smoking include, saving the money you spend on cigarettes, better sleep, stronger bones, ability to taste, better circulation, tighter skin, no yellow fingers and less likely to get serious diseases like Crohn's Disease. There are plenty of other methods to quit smoking beside cold turkey. Laser treatment is popular if you can afford it. Others try nicotine replacements with patches or pills with some success. Hypnotherapy has been used to help some smokers give up the habit for good. Reprogramming the mind to live without the habit of smoking is a good tool for those people with a weaker will power.

No matter how you decide to quit, decide to do it and get started giving yourself the gift of a longer life. Details about the benefits of becoming a non-smoker are available in video form.

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Written by former smoker, S.E. Seegars.
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