Regular Payment Plan

Do you need to transfer money abroad on a regular basis? If so, a Regular Payment Plan (RPP) has been designed for this specific service. It allows individuals to have an automatic regular overseas payments made as frequently as required saving both time and money compared to a high street bank.

It is ideal for: ≠

  • Mortgage payments

  • Property maintenance payments

  • International pension transfers

  • Salary transfers

  • School fees

Fully automated and hassle-free

Regular Payment Planís are fully automated so it takes the hassle out of regular overseas transfers. You merely need to set up a standing order to the provider of the amount you are looking to transfer each month and provide them with the details of the account you require the funds to go to and it is all dealt with for you.

Key benefits include:

  • Highly competitive exchange rates taking advantage of the commercial rates of exchange

  • No transfer fees

  • No commission

  • Fully automated

  • Flexible frequencies

  • Also direct access to a dedicated team of experts

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