Self Employment

Is this something you really want to do or is it just a "fill" in between jobs. It's important that you really ask yourself this question as part of your overall career strategy because if you really have made the decision to "go it alone" it can be the loneliest occupation on earth ! However if you really have got totally fed up with corporate politics, feel that you can do so much more not being restricted by company bureaucracy and have enough cash to fund your living expenses for a while then this can be a golden period in your career.

Here are a few Prime Tips

  • Research, Research, and research again. Ask the people who are already doing it what their experiences were, especially in getting started. Time spent on research â €“ of your market, the competitors, the opportunities.
  • Go for NICHE markets where the big boys don't operate. The smaller the niche, the less the competition and the more likelihood you have of succeeding.
  • Become recognised as an expert in your field. It means higher fees !
  • Enquire at your local Business Link - there are a lot of free courses for those starting up in business on their own.
  • Develop information products to sell online. Start selling one to many instead of selling one to one.
  • Become an expert in marketing. Read everything you can about marketing using all the methodologies - direct mail, email  marketing, networking, social media, Joint venture, internet marketing including  PPC, SEO, Viral marketing, Online articles, Inbound link campaign etc