Shares Made Simple A Beginner's Guide to the Stock Market [Paperback]

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Shares Made Simple: 

A Beginner's Guide to the Stock Market [Paperback]

Product Description
There are lots of beginner guides to the stock

market. Whilst they are all different, they are also very similar. This one goes

through the main issues from what shares are, how the stock exchange works, how to

invest and detail of how takeovers work. One of the more useful sections is on how to

analyse the results. I think this is a good introduction to the subject for the

absolute beginner but in its later chapters it also provides some useful tips for

those who know a bit about the markets and want to know more or use it as a reference

tool. --Adam Shaw, BBC Working Lunch
Product Description
At last a book that

champions the small investor, the growing bank of potential shareholders who have

cash to spare but fear entering the jungle that is the City of London. Shares Made

Simple, written by highly respected financial journalist Rodney Hobson, tears away

the mystique and jargon that surrounds the stock market. It takes you step by step

through the most basic concepts of stock market investing, carefully explaining

issues such as: - What shares are and how they are bought and sold - Why share prices

go up and down - Why some companies' shares look cheap while others appear to be

expensive - The hidden traps for the unwary This book sets out to create a level

playing field between the stock market professionals and the small investor. As

rising living standards and inherited cash provide assets for investment, no-one

needs to suffer pitiful bank interest rates when there is real money to be made in

sharing the nation's wealth.

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