Stretches Are A Vital Part of Exercising

Stretches are important to extract the muscle when it is warm. The idea here is to stretch a muscle only when it is warm and that is after a good training session. Before you start your exercises it is best to do a warm up. I see many people do the same classic mistake and that is stretching their muscles before an exercise routine. See, if you do that, you may tear a muscle, and that is because your muscles are cold.

Anything that is still cold can be torn apart or break if stretched or extended when cold. It is a very simple physic law. For that reason it is important to actually warm up the muscles before an exercise routine and then exercise. Once you finish your exercise - you can now stretch your muscles. So each phase is in its place for a reason. The warm up is vital for not getting injured and the stretch is important so that your muscles do not contract to the point where you will be too sore to move and function properly.

In my functional warm up I lubricate my joints and heat up my muscles so that they are ready for the routine which is based on burst of exertion. I also warm up my core as I will perform some mountain climbers and push ups and that would work my core as well as other parts. Finally I swing my shoulders and arms to lubricate my shoulder blades. Then in my stretches I go back to the same areas I have been warming up in the beginning and I stretch them. This is all part of staying safe and sound before, during and after the exercises.

If I would not stretch my muscles after my routine, I will suffer serious muscle contraction pain that would put me off function for a few days. It is not a permanent injury and most of the time it passes away on its own, (at least in my experience) but the point here is that if I will be out of function for maybe a whole week - there my routine being stopped by an injury and I lose my momentum of keeping burning fat and calorie as I will have a far too long of a break between sessions.

Remember the rule of exercising 3-4 times a week. It is important to give yourself at least a day off between each session but is equally important to keep at it to get the results you want. Truth about Six Pack Abs have more about this.

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