Summer holidays – sunshine, relaxation, white sand and crystal clear seas.

This maybe my ideal holiday but we all have very different aspirations and needs.

Mountain biking, water-skiing, sailing around the Greek Islands and many more options are now available to us.

Whatever we do or indeed don’t do – we will all have something in common. We are generally far from home and in unfamiliar surroundings. This is fine whilst everything is going well and we are enjoying ourselves, but unfortunately sometimes things do go wrong and this is when being far from home and the language barrier suddenly seem all the more difficult to overcome.

The travel rep, if you are on a package holiday, will be helpful, but more of us are travelling independently. Surprisingly, nearly 20% of all travellers still travel uninsured, many travel within the EU and believe that if they are ill the EHIC card (previously known as the E111) will cover them. However, this maybe far from the truth. For example in Spain you will almost always be taken to a private hospital and the EHIC card will probably not allow you to recover all the costs when you get back to the UK.

Spanish hospitals are often as expensive as hospitals in the USA and we wouldn’t think to travel there uninsured!


So choosing your insurance is important, always check cover levels and the excess and make sure that they cover the holiday and destination you have booked. Be careful to check exotic countries fall into the territory you are buying insurance for and if you are not sure always ask the insurer for confirmation.

My holidays are a time to relax, kick-back and sip a nice cool cocktail on a warm Caribbean beach with the gentle sound of waves washing the sugar like sand – but I know I can relax because I always make sure I have quality insurance cover which gives me great peace of mind.