Tefal ActiFry FZ700015 Low Fat Electric Fryer, 1 kg Capacity, White

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Tefal ActiFry FZ700015

Manufacturers Description
The UK's best-selling fryer*

Enjoyed by more

than three million households world-wide, the Tefal ActiFry is the best-selling fryer

in the UK. The ActiFry is a revolutionary product which allows you to enjoy tasty,

traditional, home-cooked chips, but at the same time stay healthy and feel good about

what you are eating.

The ActiFry is part of the Nutritious & Delicious range

from Tefal, which aims to produce innovative products for people searching for

healthier ways to cook, without compromising on taste.
Healthy, perfect chips

with just three per cent fat**

By using just one spoonful of oil, you can make

one kilogram of golden, crispy home-made chips, which is enough to feed a family of


That one spoonful is 100 times less than a traditional deep fat

fryer, which not only means that your food is substantially healthier, but cooking is

also more conomical and 100% safe.

Simply load up to one kilogram of

freshly-cut chips into the ActiFry, drop in a measure of your preferred oil using the

spoon provided and set the timer, the ActiFry does the rest. Just wait for the timer

to end and the alarm to sound.
Patented technology - even cooking and no


The ActiFry has a patented hot air system and unique stirring paddle to

ensure evenly-cooked food. There’s no need to shake or stir during cooking.

The ActiFry is temperature controlled for the best crispy chips every time, and

since it requires no pre-heating, it's ready when you are. The ActiFry also has an

odourless filter and fresh oil is used each time, which means that your kitchen will

stay as fresh as it was when you started cooking.


It’s not

just chips you can cook. The versatile ActiFry allows you to cook a range of foods

from fresh and frozen, including sausages, chicken, fish, stir fried vegetables,

frozen chips and more.

A free recipe book is included, to give you that

inspiration you need when creating the perfect, healthy meal. Why not try turkey

breast with three peppers or a chilli con carne, and for dessert cinnamon apples.


The ActiFry features a timer, which

can be set for up to 99 minutes. A warning “ready” alarm at the end of the cooking

period will let you know when your food is cooked, so you can just sit back and relax

while you wait.

Convenient, safe and easy to use

The steam-free lid

and viewing window means that you can always keep an eye on your food, although with

the food being constantly but gently stirred by the mixing arm, all you need to do is

add you ingredients and let them cook.

The automatic lid opens at the push of

a button for your convenience.
When opened, the ActiFry will automatically stop

until you close the lid again. An easy grip handle means you can safely remove the

pan and serve your food.

Dishwasher safe

Once you finished cooking

your food, the cover and pan can all be removed and are all dishwasher safe. The

non-stick coating on the pan also means any leftover food comes off easily with no

fuss.That’s everything you need to wash up taken care of.

*GfK RT UK Small

Kitchen Appliances Market (SKA), Value sales, MAT, Nov 09-Oct 10. **One kilogram of

potatoes cut into chips to a thickness of 13 x13 mm, cooked until -55% weight loss

with 14 ml of oil.

About Tefal

Tefal owes its

origins to Frenchman Marc Grégoire, an engineer and keen fisherman. Monsieur Grégoire

wanted the reel on his rod to run more smoothly, and experimented in the 1950s to see

if a non-stick coating would work. It did, but it was his wife Collette who made the

real breakthrough, suggesting the coating would be more useful in making cookware

easier to use and clean. Now, Tefal is the number one name in non-stick products and

small appliances, operating in more than 120 countries.Tefal remains committed to

making household tasks easier and cooking results better, through a constant flow of

new ideas, technology and innovation. Examples of that cutting-edge innovation can be

seen in the ActiFry, the AirBake baking range and Tefal's unique Thermo Spot, which

ensures your pans are always the perfect temperature to start cooking.

1 x ActiFry
1 x Recipe book
1 x ActiFry spoon

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