The Independent UK Guide to eBay 2011 [Paperback]

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The Independent UK Guide to eBay 2011 


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With over 1,000 per second changing hands on eBay across the world, it's no

surprise the site has become a favoured shopping destination for many. Across the 196

pages of this guide you'll find the secrets of being an eBay pro, and learn how to

master the tricks and applications guaranteed to help you earn or save a mint in the

world's most lucrative marketplace. Includes details for over 130 eBay software

tools, websites and services tried, tested and reviewed, along with expert advice on

exactly what you need to get started on eBay and, more importantly, how to maximise

your sales potential. From help on setting up your PayPal Account and putting

together a good listing, to explaining how to set up your own eBay shop - this guide

reveals how to use eBay to your advantage and make serious money out of your unwanted

items. There's even a review of alternative online market places including Amazon,

PlayTrade and CQOut, providing you with other popular sites to promote your wares.

This MagBook also provides key security advice, including details for 10 of the most

common eBay cons to look out for, advice on PayPal and personal information security,

as well as advice on how to use the eBay's complaints procedure when things go

wrong, how to report fraud listings, and advice to help you stay safe when buying and

selling online. With all this advice and tips, there are no more excuses to put off

your clear-out for much longer. Get decluttering, get eBaying, get minted!

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