THE NEW MUST HAVE Mobile Bluetooth Speaker Silver

Damson Cisor BT5 Resonating Mobile Bluetooth Speaker Silver

Hear it. Feel it. The

compact and stylish Cisor BT5 is a powerful bluetooth speaker. Its size ensures it is

perfect for both travel and home use, you can even use it in your car when fitted

suction cup. Using advanced technologies, the Cisor BT5 transfers the sound to almost

any surface it is placed on through vibrations and resonation. The technology was

originally developed for use in the US Navy. The 5 watts sound generates a big sound

filling your space. Use it on almost any surface: wood, plastic, metal, glass - even

a book! Engineered out of a single piece of aluminium the Cisor BT5 is reassuringly

sturdy, giving a very solid feel ensuring that it will withstand travel. Works with

most mobile phones, tablets, laptops, computers and mp3 players. You can even use it

as an alternative to a surround sound system. Looks good anywhere but can be hidden

away and still deliver great sound. Stream your favourite music, tv shows or movies

via Bluetooth for truly wireless sound. If your device doesn't have bluetooth a

cable is included for wired sound. The built in battery will provide upto 4 hours of

Bluetooth sound and 8 hours wired and is rechargeable via the included USB cable.

Included in the box is the Cisor BT5, charging cable, 3.5mm audio cable, carry pouch.

Designed by Damson in Yorkshire

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