Toshiba Satellite L775-14E 17.3 inch Laptop

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Toshiba Satellite 

L775-14E 17.3 inch Laptop (Intel Core i5-2430M 2.4/3.00GHz, RAM 6GB, HDD 640GB

Toshiba Satellite L775-14E 17.3

inch Laptop (Intel Core i5-2430M 2.4/3.00GHz, RAM 6GB, HDD 640GB, Bluetooth, Onkyo

Speakers, Windows 7 Home Premium )
Manufacturer's Description

Designed to

look as good as it performs, The Satellite L775 comes with an eye-catching exterior

finish. Click here to view a larger image.Satellite L775 Series - Big screen high

definition with all the essentials
The Satellite L775 combines the best of desktop

and laptop computing in one ultra-stylish chassis. A 43.9cm (17.3") TruBrite HD+

display with LED backlighting offers cinematic viewing. 6GB of fast RAM allows smooth

multitasking with multiple demanding applications, whilst the large 640GB hard drive

will store all of your important files and media.

Picture perfect

exceptional 43.9cm (17.3") TruBrite HD+ display with LED backlighting and with a fast

8ms display response time provides the ideal way to enjoy your movies, edit photos,

or browse the web. And the new Intel Core i5 processor delivers visibly smart


Stunning multimedia sound
Superior Onkyo stereo speakers

It's now possible to enjoy the full experience of your movies and music on your

laptop thanks to the built-in Onkyo stereo speakers. Onkyo are famous for engineering

their receivers, amplifiers and speakers with superb sound quality, and you'll find

the these superior speakers give you an impactful audio experience, while stylishly

blending in with the contours of your laptop. No longer will you have to resort to

headphones or external speakers to get the most from your entertainment - with the

Onkyo speakers you can free your ears and experience the best your games, movies and

music has to offer.

Superior Onkyo speakers help give you rich, high-

quality stereo sound. Click here to view a larger image.Experience stunning sound

with Dolby Advanced Audio
Never experienced great sound from your PC? Prepare

yourself for the vibrant, engaging sound that only comes from a Dolby Advanced Audio

laptop. Whether you use onboard or external speakers or a set of headphones, you'll

find your music, movies, and games will sound more vivid and true to life than you

ever imagined possible.

Dolby Advanced Audio:

Optimises audio quality

to deliver the best possible sound from each PC.
Works with any PC audio output,

including headphones, external speakers, or your computer's built-in speakers.

Enhances the PC audio experience with sound that's more realistic and more

dramatic than ever before.
How does Dolby Advanced Audio produce such

breathtaking results? Firstly, a lot of your audio will be missing high-frequency

sounds, such as cymbals crashing. These are often lost when sound is digitally

converted (known as "encoding"). Dolby Advanced Audio restores these missing

frequencies. Dolby Advanced Audio also does the same with low-end sounds. By

extending the bass response by up to an octave, it lets you experience vibrant

special effects, from heart-pounding explosions to the distant bellow of a foghorn,

with all their original impact.

Dolby Advanced Audio is also optimised for

your PC. That's because Dolby engineers, using the same techniques they put to use

in tuning movie theatres and mixing rooms, work with PC manufacturers to drive the

best possible sound from each PC configuration. As a result, you experience

dramatically better sound.

Upscaling Resolution+ technology transforms

standard definition content into sharp, clear near-HD images. Click here to view a

larger image.Resolution+ image enhancement
With the Toshiba L775, it's easy to

instantly upgrade the movies you watch to near high-definition quality. Our

Resolution+ upscaling technology has been improved and re-engineered to upscale

standard definition sources to provide sharper and clearer images with improved edge

detail and better textural content of the final image. Resolution+ can upscale

digital movies in WMV or MP4 format - imagine, all of your favourite films in clear

near-HD quality, breathing a whole new lease of life into your digital entertainment


With Resolution+, your Toshiba laptop will produce near HD

picture quality on all standard definition WMV and MP4 content you watch while still

delivering the most pure and stunning picture quality possible from all high

definition sources. Watch as your favourite movies become clearer, richer and sharper

than ever before.

Multi-touch functionality
The Satellite L775's touchpad

features multi-touch gesture support, providing an innovative alternative to

conventional scrolling and buttons. The touchpad features an advanced, touch-

sensitive interface solution that senses the position of a finger or fingers on its

surface and recognises pinching, swiping, and rotating motions performed by simply

moving your fingers.

Take control with the multi-touch gesture

touchpad.The multi-touch touchpad recognises four different finger gestures:

Pinch Gesture--two-finger pinch delivers zooming functionality in many Windows

applications. The two-finger pinch zoom can be used to zoom in or out of photos,

maps, or documents.
Scrolling--two-finger and two-finger reverse scrolling

delivers functionality in Windows applications by using two separate fingers in a

horizontal or vertical motion anywhere on the touchpad, with the scrolling rate

controlled by your finger speed.
Momentum Motion--delivers smooth, fast,

trackball-like cursor motion. A quick flick of one finger across the touchpad surface

can move the cursor across the entire screen and is ideal for use with computer

gaming applications.
Rotation--rotate photos and other items in 90-degree

increments by placing two separated fingers on the touchpad and moving them around in

a continuous clockwise or counter-clockwise circular motion.


combines the Bulletin Board and ReelTime apps to help you take control of your work.

Click here to view a larger image.Toshiba LifeSpace
Maximise your experience of

Windows 7 and see the Satellite L775 come alive with LifeSpace. A free productivity

application suite, LifeSpace gives you a personalised approach to accessing your

files, organising daily activities, projects and more. LifeSpace is a unique

collection of apps designed by Toshiba to make computing simple, intuitive and fun

and is great for work and home across all age groups. Complimenting the Windows 7

operating system, LifeSpace helps you simplify your PC experience through

personalisation and quicker access to the things that matter the most to you, thanks

to Bulletin Board and ReelTime.

Bulletin Board is an easy-to-use visual

organisation tool that allows you to create a personalised space for managing

projects, viewing tasks, photos and more. Organise your day, your events, and your

life with a virtual pin board. Stick reminders, photos or tasks onto the board to

help you organise or to ensure you don't forget an important appointment. Bulletin

Board is a simple, intuitive and pleasant way to handle your daily digital life.

Remember that file you looked at a while back but have no idea where you kept it

on your PC? Well with Toshiba’s ReelTime, a visual timeline of your file history up

to 3 months old is kept so that you can cut through the clutter to find what you are

looking for quickly and easily. It sits above the Windows taskbar and the timeline

can be easily scrolled through until you find the file you're looking for.

Browse the connectivity options available on the L775. Click here to view a

larger image.Convenient connectivity
Sleep n' charge USB
There's no need to

carry around multiple charging accessories when you have your L775. With the Sleep N

Charge USB port you can charge your mobile phone, MP3 player and other digital

gadgets even while your laptop is switched off. Now you can charge your gadgets

overnight and wake up to a fully-charged battery.

Wireless sharing is easy

with Bluetooth 3.0
This laptop includes Bluetooth 3.0 which allows you to connect

and share files wirelessly over short distances. This makes it ideal for connecting

to compatible mobile devices such as smartphones, MP3 players, and more. You can also

use Bluetooth to connect to wireless peripherals, such as headsets, speakers, mice

and keyboard, making it easier to use your laptop on the move or at home without the

clutter of connecting wires.

Toshiba Eco Utility
Save laptop power with

Eco Utility, a power saving application designed by Toshiba to encourage better

energy efficient usage. Accessed via the Windows taskbar, once activated you can

monitor and begin saving power consumption immediately. A power consumption chart can

be displayed to show the increase and decrease of power consumption when the Eco Mode

is active.

You can start saving energy at the press of a button with the

Toshiba Eco Utility. Click here to view a larger image.The utility is designed to

offer a graphic view of consumption while using the laptop, as well as a historical

record of consumption which can display both power consumption (displayed in WH) and

CO2 emissions (displayed in kg). Eco Utility allows the user to work in a power-

saving Eco Power Plan. Once Eco mode is activated, the system works accordingly to

set Eco-friendly parameters, such as automatically dimming the display brightness,

disabling LED and keyboard backlighting, and reducing the time before activating the

hard drive sleep mode.

Integrated web camera
The Satellite L775 features an

integrated 1.3-megapixel web camera with Toshiba Face Recognition. The camera and

microphone let you see and hear your contacts online, and can take still pictures,

video clips and audio notes. With Toshiba's integrated webcam communication is made

easy--network with friends and family from the comfort of your own home.

Toshiba Face Recognition
Using numerous passwords can complicate things. Instead

of worrying about remembering them all, or using a single password that can be

compromised, the Satellite L775 features Toshiba Face Recognition -- the fun and easy

way to log on to your laptop. Toshiba Face Recognition is a biometric-based

identification method and uses the webcam to automatically detect 14 separate facial

feature points to verify your identity and grant you fast and simple access to your

data. Once your facial profile has been saved it can be used to access the system

with no need to enter additional passwords. Additional users can store their own

unique facial recognition profile, allowing your whole family to use the computer

securely, and with peace of mind.

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Screen Size 39.6cm (15.6”) 39.6cm (15.6”) 43.9cm (17.3”)

Resolution 1,366 x 768 1,366 x 768 1,600 x 900
Processor Intel Core i3-370M

Intel Core i5-2430M Intel Core i5-2430M
Memory 4 GB 4 GB 6 GB
Storage 640

GB 500 GB 640 GB
Speakers Onkyo Onkyo Onkyo
Bluetooth® 3.0 + HS Yes Yes Yes

Box Contains
Satellite L775-14E notebook
AC Adapter

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