Travel Safety Guide: Prevention is better than Cure

Vacations are to relax, unwind yourself, keep your worries aside and enjoy. However you should be alert, cautious and attentive when you travel for your vacations. There have been cases where travelers have been victims and got involved in crime and violence or have experienced some difficulties while travelling. When you travel, it becomes very importance that you keep yourself in safe zone and take all precautions and measures to deal with any unforeseen situation.

We have compiled few traveling tips that can help you keep away from serious trouble during your travel:

Things to be kept in mind before you go:

1. Do not pack dresses or jeweler that exhibits that you are wealthy traveler. This attracts all sort of wrong people.

2. Travel light, this will help you to carry your stuff easily and you will have free hand.

3. Pack valuables like credit cards, passports and travelers checks in different bags.

4. Carry Xerox copies of your passport and visa.

5. Lock your luggage

6. Put your address and name in the luggage, but conceal it so that everyone canít see.

7. Do not carry valuable items or documents.

8. Ensure that you book your accommodation well in advance.

9. Get detailed direction to reach your hotel.

Precautions to take while traveling:

1. Go with a friend whom you trust and can fall back on.

2. Be cautious when you drink during vacations as drunks are vulnerable to theft and rape.

3. Donít use places that are poorly lit

4. Avoid travelling at night.

5. Donít get into arguments and fights.

6. Donít pay attention to people who try to convince you to buy something or be your guide.

7. Be very aware of pick pockets.

8. If you get lost, pretend to be confident and try to find a way back.

9. Learn few handy phrases in the local language of the place where you are.

10. Keep with you emergency numbers.

11. Do not bring visitors inside your hotel room. Meet them in the lobby.

12. Use the hotel safe to keep your valuables and cash and do not leave them in the room.

13. Avoid elevator if you feel there is some doubtful person in it.

14. Hire only authorized taxis. You can also ask your hotel to book taxi for you.

15. Never accept food or drink from any stranger when you travel by train.

How to handle money safely:

1. Carry travelersí checks and avoid carrying cash.

2. Do not sign the traveler checks until you have to cash them.

3. Donít show off cash when you pay the bill.

4. Never forget to take back your credit card after every transaction you make.

5. Buy souvenirs and air tickets only from authorized agents.

What to do if your belongings are lost or stolen:

1. Inform about the lost things to the local police station.

2. Inform agency which issued your Travelersí checks.

3. Inform company which issued your Credit cards.

4. Inform Airline or Travel agent from whom you had booked your airline tickets.

5. Inform Embassy regarding your passport.

How to avoid legal difficulties:

1. Research and find about the legal expectations of the country which you will visit.

2. You need to know the Drug Violations rules of the country. There are countries which do not differentiate between trafficking and possession of drugs. So in these countries even if you have small amount drug you will be arrested.

3. In several countries photography of security-related institutions is prohibited. You need to find out about it beforehand.

The odds are that you will enjoy a safe trip when you go for a vacation. However incidents of travelers facing difficulty and becoming victimized by criminals are becoming very common. Most of these issues can be sorted out and you can be safe by just being aware and planning for such situation. You need to be vigilant, aware and cautious. It is advised to use your common sense like you use in your own country and you will be safe and will have a peasant vacation.

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About the author: Amanda Kidd is a blogger who is a voracious traveler. Amongst all, beaches are her favorite and her current article is about best honeymoon destinations.