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Wisdom Panel Insights Mixed Breed DNA Test

Only £59.99

Wisdom Panel Insights Mixed Breed DNA Test

Use advanced canine DNA testing

to uncover the breeds that make your dog unique. Wisdom Panel™ Insights Mixed-Breed

Dog DNA Test. Where does Max get his curly tail from? Why does he love digging holes

in the garden? Could I be doing more to make him happier and healthier? Your dog may

not be able to tell you the answers - but his DNA can. You know almost everything

about your dog, now you can know a little more. Wisdom Panel Insights, the most

comprehensive mixed-breed cheek swab DNA test on the market, can help explain a

mixed-breed dogs ancestry. Testing is as easy as 1-2-3.

1. Simply collect a

sample from the inside of your dog's cheek with the included swabs.
2. Send them

back to our laboratory in the postage-paid envelope.
3. Within 3 weeks, you'll

receive an e-mailed Ancestry Report with your dog's results.

Breed count

matters. Know the facts: The more breeds you can detect, the more accurate a mixed-

breed analysis will be. Wisdom Panel Insights can detect more than 170 breeds in a

mixed breed dog, almost double what any competitor offers. The smarter you are about

your dog's past, the smarter you can be about his future.

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