Working for Yourself

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Working for Yourself

Working for Yourself (Which? Essential Guides)

Product Description
Huge numbers of people want the freedom

offered by self-employment, consultancy and contract work, while every year thousands

leave traditional jobs to become successful entrepreneurs and self-starters.'Working

for Yourself' is a practical and straightforward guide and will help you plan the

jump from a paid job to a freelance/entrepreneurial lifestyle, while illustrating the

benefits and prospective pitfalls. It also offers financial and legal information to

help you get off to the best start. Whether you need to know how to get professional

advice, set up a website or design an advertisement, 'Working for Yourself' will

ensure that a move to self-employment is a conscious, well-informed decision.This

book offers: lifestyle shifts - the pros and cons of leaving your job; business plans

- raising capital, mortgages and loans; Tax, National Insurance and VAT

responsibilities; marketing - building a website and trading online; and preparing

for retirement - pensions and investments.

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